Juice Cleanse Breakdown

First of all, I want to start off by saying; if you ever do choose to do a juice cleanse and decide to order it in lou of making the juice yourself, hire these guys. The program was easy to understand, a cinch to follow, simple to order and they were super accommodating. To make a long story short, the day I started my cleanse was on the heels of New Years (when they were not making deliveries) so they delivered my cleanse in two chunks. Over the top service and I would highly recommend this local company for your cleansing experience. The Juice Cleanse rocks!

Here’s a little break down of how it went for me:


  • desperately missed my morning coffee
  • not happy to be drinking something so cold first thing in the morning (I have cold drink issues)
  • was hungry by noon
  • headache continued from the previous day (I stopped drinking caffeine 2 days prior as per The Juice Cleanse’s request) and proceeded to get worse as the day went on
  • by 3:00pm I was dying for some sleep, I was a bit hungry, cranky, nauseous (no throwing up but feeling like it at times) and unable to see the bright side…of anything
  • RJ put the kids to bed because I was pretty useless
  • asleep by 9:30 (ridiculously early for me)


  • woke up feeling pretty good
  • that continued throughout the day
  • not hungry
  • no headache
  • wanting a shower and water…I wanted lots of water
  • peed a lot all day long
  • bouts of euphoria
  • great mood
  • never feeling hungry
  • put off by the taste of all the juices today
  • made dinner for my family & friends which I didn’t touch
  • went to bed feeling great
  • slept like a log


  • woke up hungry
  • not loving but am used to the taste of the juices at this point
  • really wanting a piece of toast with jam or something with big flavour today
  • busy day so took a couple juices along
  • kids soccer team had pizza between games…I almost died from envy watching them eat – one kid glaring at me cause I was staring at him as he chewed with a big string of cheese hanging from his chin…really want flavour at this point
  • made it through the day (thankfully it was a busy one)
  • slept like a log


  • not hungry at all when I woke
  • felt like I could do a 4th day
  • not craving food like day 3
  • made a coffee
  • could only have a couple sips then wanted tea
  • made my favourite light omelette – the first bite was out of this world
  • could only eat 1/3rd if it (I started to feel not great but not sick either)
  • had a roll of sushi with tuna for lunch (that went well)
  • had a big plate of my Instagram peas cause that’s what I was craving
  • now I’m here writing this.

All in all a great experience. I really want to take care of body right now. I don’t want any garbage in it. I look forward to continuing to eat foods with healthy ingredients and to keep enjoying this feeling. I want to keep it forever!!! I could definitely see doing this twice a year as an upkeep. A tune up.

That’s it for now. Hope you had a great weekend.



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