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Jackets for Me Please

1. The sweater coat  2. A sequinned jacket  3. An Oxford Jacket  4. A white cropped tuxedo jacket  5. Poncho coat 6. A striped, longer, tailored coat  7. A little leopard action  8. A quilted bomber jacket (I think it’s kind bomberish no?) 9. Lastly, a black blazer with a bit of a shoulder pad (I’ve got shoulders like a Brook Trout) I’m a huge fan […]

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Bang Time

Time for me to seek out a new lid. I have been so busy over the past few months that I haven’t been in for a cut in a very long time and now my head is a bit of a hot mess. I need to do something about it and fast!!! I decided long […]

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Dear Santa

I don’t usually have a Christmas wish list prepared for RJ . However, this year I am very organized (in this one particular area only) and I have a few favourites that I will be looking for under the Noble on Christmas morning. 1. A Photoshop course! I have been muddling my way through with […]

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