Juice Cleanse Day 3

Well, I just polished off my final juice of the cleanse and I feel pretty good about it. I’m not sure if I’m more proud of the fact that I completed the cleanse without cheating or more excited about the results. Either way it’s all good.

Today I wanted to eat. Badly! Not because of hunger, I felt satisfied in that area throughout most of the cleanse, but I want flavour. I really want to taste something yummy and warm. I don’t even drink my water cold so the fact that these juices had to be refrigerated the whole time meant I was drinking cold juice. A nice warm tasty dish is what I crave most. Also, this overwhelming need for flavour was new for me today. I didn’t feel like this yesterday but today I was just jonesing for some flava flave. I had a mild cure for that though. I went hard core on Pinterest pinning food like a mad man. It satisfied the cravings a bit for sure and also gave me a tonne of ideas for my once a week recipe resolution.

I won’t know until tomorrow what the final results of this Juice Cleanse is going to be but I have a pretty good idea. Right now I feel cleaned out, awake, alert, clear headed, happy, rejuvenated from the inside out and very excited about my coffee and omelette in the morning.

I’ll give a full breakdown of my experience tomorrow.

Until then, peace out and love.


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