Kick Start

I finally made the effort to kick start my day with a little something in my belly (besides blubber). With all the physical issues I’ve had since I started this thing (back, toe, neck) I am getting an early start on the eating/health portion of my goal. I am certainly & very clearly in brutal shape and that’s that… period. I started my day by whipping up a heathy shake with the following ingredients:

  • Vanilla Greek Yogurt (1 spoonful)
  • Splash of OJ
  • Handful of Oats
  • 1 Egg White
  • Frozen Kale
  • 1/2 a Banana
  • Frozen Fruit Medley
  • Splash of Milk

It was a good start, tasty and surprisingly filling. I just winged the quantities but would love to try any ideas you may have. I’m shakin it baby…Bring the shake recipes on!

One thing I noticed today was the fact that I was hungry again by like 11:00am which for me is very unusual, especially since I ate a huge shake around 9:00 and don’t usually eat anything until around 1:30 in the afternoon. I know this is a good thing and that the more small meals I eat throughout the day the better it is for burning calories and fat through metabolism but my problem was having something healthy to snack on. I have never been a big fan of fruit. Sounds pathetic I know but I don’t like juice and I’m not a girl that needs her little snap of chocolate or candy. This is, I assume, why I don’t love fruit…it’s sweet. I loooove salty foods, fried foods, sautéed in butter foods. So, when I’m looking around the kitchen for something to nibble on I need to make damn sure I have something “good for me” to swallow. I am compiling ideas so again…bring em on. I will start by living by the motto “an apple a day…” and go from there. And until I can figure out something interesting to gnaw on, I will proceed with carrot sticks and cucumber.

Lastly, I thought I’d post this pic to keep me motivated. This girl has got killer gams and I will too…hopefully…someday. Peace out!


2 Comments on “Kick Start

  1. Good job Karen. Happy to hear you are having something for breakfast. If I where you I would skip the egg in your shake and add a scoop of a great protein powder. The kind we use is Vega. It is super heathy. Its dairy,gluten and soy free. We really like it. It will help you have more energy for your work outs too! Keep it up baby. xoxo

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