Before & Aft’s 10.15.12

Well I’ve had shit luck with my body since I started this mission of health and fitness… my word. Friday I did the Tracey Anderson workout front to back (I’ve got to change things up a bit I mean really). I felt great and still feel like I’m getting even better at it. Then Saturday morning my neck, and by noon, my whole back went out. Started with a little kink in the neck and by the time I went to bed I could barely roll over in bed. I did manage to get up to get Cash to hockey early Sunday morning but I have been so pissed off that this happened. Soooo… I took Saturday off. No hikes, no bikes, no running no TA. I did however enjoyed a couple glasses of Okanogan wine to ease the pain Saturday evening and boy did that help. I actually almost did a workout after the second glass because the pain had subsided so nicely but I knew that that was a bad idea and decided to pass.

Today I attempted a new recipe for healthy granola bars that I don’t love so I won’t be passing it on to you. I will find one though that we can all enjoy. I’m working on my own actually, so keep checking in. My back is definitely on the mend today and it’s now my neck that’s the biggest issue however the pain there has also subsided. I rode the bike for 45 minutes and sweat like a “mo fo” so I feel like I’ve had a great workout.

Tomorrow I’m starting to do some food adjustments. Even though I’ve managed to not have my regular bowl of Hickory Sticks each night this past week, and I’ve created some healthy dinners I have yet to start my day with anything other than just coffee. So I’m looking forward to seeing the result of that in combination with the regular workouts in two weeks time.

My goals for this coming week:

  • Yoga (at least once). My back is in desperate need.
  • Run (I am dying to go for a run, before I had kids I did it frequently and loved it)
  • More Tracey Anderson (I’m hooked)
  • Healthy Eating 101

Finally… my first set of Before & Afters (don’t see much change yet:()

Taking these pictures does not seem to be getting any easier on the self esteem god dammit!


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