Sweating… Nothing?

Glad to see a little sun in the sky today. Wish I could have taken advantage of it. From home to school to work to school to hockey to home and then it was dark. Still managed a great workout downstairs though so that’s a bonus. I failed at eating breakfast this morning but I’ll get back on that band wagon tomorrow for sure. The neck is still super stiff and I haven’t the greatest movement in it but very little pain which is nice. In fact pain only appears when I force my neck into certain positions like mirroring Knox (which I do and he gets such a kick out of it) while he shakes his head or tilts it to the side (basically resting it on his shoulder) or if I turn around and tell the kids to stop fighting in the car. S’all good though…it’s on the mend.

Today was a weird one. I hit the stationary bike, due to my still repairing neck and set it to ride on various hills (random) at the same level I’ve been doing (7). Usually I sweat it out but today I didn’t seem to sweat much at all both on the bike or during the Tracey Anderson workout. However, while typing this right now I can barely lift my arms and if my legs could dose off for a while on their own they would. Very strange. I like a good sweat to know I’ve worked hard. I just wasn’t feeling it at the time…I guess it was a little cooler than usual down there tonight.

Planning on doing a Hot Yoga class drop in at Y Yoga on Thursday night. 7:00 to 8:15 if anyone’s interested in joining. It’s $22.50 for the drop in fee. I think if I can at least get in a couple Yoga classes a week it would be excellent for my back and neck.

Side note: Has anyone watched Arrested Development? Oh my lord I have been laughing out loud soooo much since I started watching it. Highly recommend.


3 Comments on “Sweating… Nothing?

  1. Karen, you cant miss breaky mucho mucho importante! You have to get your metabolism kick started. Being prepared is key. At the being of each week do the following:
    1. Hard boil a few eggs (make a spot in the fridge just for your stuff)
    2. Make a few grab bags of a handful of granola (low fat)
    3. Have a bunch of bananas on hand (I know you don’t like fruit but you need some in your diet) with a scoop of natural BB (make a few bagging with a tablespoon of BB and store them in the fridge) dip the banana for yummy yummy protein
    4. Have individual yogurt and or cottage cheese stocked

    All of these things you can grab on your way out the door and eat it on the run. No more excuses to miss breakfast.

    This works, trust me. I do the same thing for lunches and make a massive salad at the beginning of the week (lettuce, spinach, cucumber, carrots, zucchini, anything that wont go soggy or take over the flavor, ie tomatoes and onions) then a just grab a big handful and add what whatever else I want in it and or have time for.

    This prep each weeks keeps me on track.

    okay Im going to stop this is getting loooong!

    good luck.

    • K, I’m not shitting you, I’m doing everything you just recommended above. I always forget about those little yogurts and I could do a few bananas as long as they’re just a little rouse (that would be the word I invented for “not ripe”). I love you Nik. LOVE you!

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