17/52 Recipe Review


Savoury & Satisfying

Savoury & Satisfying

Ok so I based this one off of a picture on Instagram. I took a screen shot of the original but just as I snapped the pic, my phone died and then I couldn’t find it again. Luckily, when it comes to food I have a photographic memory. I was waiting for Sunday morning to make this gorgeous plate because we had no lacrosse, no hockey and no soccer to rush off to first thing. Here is what I needed & did:

  • Bunch of Asparagus
  • 1 lemon
  • 2 tbsp freshly grated parm
  • 2 eggs
  • 2 tbsp (approx.) Olive Oil or Butter
  • Salt & Pepper

In one pan on the stove at a medium heat I added a tablespoon of butter and melted it. At the same time in a smaller pan I heat a little bit of butter and water under a medium/low heat. Once both pans were heated I added my asparagus and a little salt and pepper to the large pan and the two eggs to the smaller pan and covered it. I let everything cook, occasionally tossing the asparagus around. Once cooked (after about 4 minutes) I placed the asparagus on a plate, grated some fresh parmesan over everything then grated some lemon rind over everything. I then continued by cutting and squeezing one slice of lemon over everything…yum. I uncovered the egg to make sure it was cooked but runny (cook your eggs however you like em) and placed it on the asparagus. Then I ate! Fast and furious. Outstanding, flavourful and very gourmet-ish considering I was sitting next to a HUGE pile of laundry and had a kid yell “Mom can you come wipe my bum…I’m done now” into my 3rd bite.

9/10 on the review. SUPER easy, SUPER healthy & SUPER tasty.




Dance Like There’s No One Watching

I just came across some footage I took of me and the boys dancing a couple months ago. I had planned to post this as a reminder that we can burn calories while parenting (and I mean other than by yelling, chasing and mental exhaustion).

Sometimes the boys will all be happily playing outside on the trampoline, playing a soccer/hockey game or messing around in the dirt and I’m not the type of mother to go outside and join the boys though I do do this on occasion (mad props to the moms that do this on the reg.). I generally take those opportunities to get shit done!

However, when it’s raining and I can’t seem to get them to leave me alone for more than five minutes (oh yes, I time my moments alone on the clock) I sometimes cave and just work with what I’ve got. We can burn a lot of collective energy by dancing and lighting up the living room “dance floor”. I guess I recorded this session for the blog and forgot about it and since I mentioned this method of burning calories recently I’ve decided to share. As you can see, sometimes I have to get the party started on my own. and don’t judge the moves…I’m 40 remember.

Lastly, can you spot the Tracy Anderson moves baby???

And Here We Go Again

So I’ll make this brief. I took some new Before/Afters (just Afters really) this evening. The picture quality is rank, I’m doing front only for the time being and I’ve decided to go with a swimsuit this time round since my undies were two granny for y’all last season. I kept my original “Before” because I want to continue to work towards my original goal of muscle definition. Not too much muscle…just noticeable definition. Anyhoo, I notice a definite change from my best last year but as I mentioned in an earlier post I was able to keep most of the weight off so even though I’ve added a few pounds the past couple of months it’s mostly muscle that I’ve lost and in place of it I found softness. Look away now if you know what’s good for you. It’s horrifying but it keeps me honest. And I will work on a better picture next time.

Before and After 4.27.14

Before and After 4.27.14

15 & 16/52 Recipe Review

Since I am behind by a week of recipes I have decided to catch up today.

My sister in law Julia has a three year old as well (Hugo) and he is Knox’s best friend and cousin. Once a week Julia takes both boys for the day and once a week I do. The incredible thing about this is I get the opportunity to be in my house alone for 6 hours straight and I can get a whole whack of stuff done during that magical time. This week was the first week I didn’t have to go to the office on my free day so I did my J Beverly Hills work from home in the morning and spent the afternoon in the kitchen catching up on my 2014 resolution.

First I made Gwyneth’s “Beet Salad with Scallion + Mint Pesto” for lunch. I love me some beets so I’m always looking for interesting ways to dress them up. This was a damn good recipe. Super tasty, light, healthy as ever and pretty simple to prepare (thank you Vitamix).

So delicious looking I forgot to take a picture…I just dug in!

So delicious looking I forgot to take a picture…I just dug in!

This one gets an 8.5 out of 10. The dressing is delicious and there was enough left overs for the next couple days. Can you guess what I’m having for lunch? It was a hard to find a link to this recipe but I did find one via a new blog to me. I recommend the read…it’s pretty hilarious and I can’t help but agree with her opinion regarding Gwyneth’s constant body afflictions and her cookbook “It’s All Good”. G’s book is like a never ending saga of her physical ailments… but I still love her. Here’s the link:


For dinner, I prepared some chicken lettuce wraps. Fun for the kids, delicious, fresh, crispy and I LOVE them. I haven’t made these babies in such a long time so I scoured my books looking for a recipe. I found this one in the Best of Bridge (one of my mom’s favourite selection of cook books). They are outstanding and yes…the boys wolfed them down. I’m on a roll this week baby!

These receive a 8.5 out of 10 on the review as well. I’m not entirely sure how the health/calorie factor plays out here. The only really high calorie ingredient I found after my research was the Hoisin Sauce (and a tiny bit of honey) and I figure, if there’s 500 calories in the whole recipe it can’t be that bad right? Also, the Dry Steam-Fried Noodles. However, if you’re really trying to cut down on carbs and calories just leave them out. I love the crunch but they don’t even touch the flavour.



The kids loved these and had so much fun putting them together. Jude was a little skeptical but once he got going he was down.

The kids loved these and had so much fun putting them together. Jude was a little skeptical but once he got going he was down.

Here’s the link to this one:


14/52 Recipe Review

Hell yeah! Today’s recipe was super easy to make, super short on prep time, super healthy and everyone…I mean EVERYONE wolfed theirs down and wanted more. Even Cash, my picky eater. Cal-Aisian Turkey Burgers by Goop. I served them with a light green salad topped with a vinaigrette to add to the health factor which was a change from the usual burger side of yam fries or potato chips and nobody seemed to mind or notice even.

These get a 9.5 out of 10 on the review. I’m a HUGE fan. I’m NOT a huge fan of gluten free bread though. I did get some gluten free buns for this meal and I have to say that the burgers were so flavourful, the bread was just there to hold it all together so I will definitely do gluten free forever when I make these babies. LOVE!

Here’s my attempt and a link to the recipe for you to try.


I just realized now, that you can barely see the burger patty in this pic. It’s full of yummy stuff….take my word for it!