My First GIF

Here in BC, school was delayed by 3 weeks which was hell a bit of a bummer. It was a government vs. teachers situation and the government wasn’t playing fair. I’ll just leave it at that.

Anyhoo, with this being the first week that all of my boys are in school, I’ve been able to catch up on some much needed work for my lil business Blooming Pictures (website to be up and running soon). And I do have alot to catch up on. Yesterday I manufactured my first GIF and because I am so proud of myself I thought I’d post it here for you to see. It’s set up for a giveaway I’m doing for J Beverly Hills Canada to be launched at some point in the near future and it was so much fun to do. In fact I’m slightly embarrassed at how easy it is compared to how long it took me to learn but we can’t all be Einstein right? 

So let’s get to it…and be sure to follow J Beverly Hills Canada on Instagram (@jbeverlyhillscanada), Twitter (@jbhcanada), Tumblr (J Beverly Hills Canada) and Facebook (J Beverly Hills Canada) for more details and your chance to win. Current followers are eligable too. Oh, and if any of you need some social marketing help contact me as that’s what I do! Ok, I’ve done my plug so here it is!


PS: I know…I’m going to slow it down.



3 Comments on “My First GIF

  1. It took me only 84 times watching your GIF to read everything, see all your expressions, and check out your hair and outfit.


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