Caring Less

So, since I turned 40 something has changed inside of my mind…or lets just say…it’s been altered. I read an article just one day after my birthday. I found it on and I regret not keeping note of the author because it resinated with me so much. What he/she spoke about was the fact that we all have the ability to be something great. To be able to succeed beyond our own expectations and to be happy and hugely successful. In order to achieve this, we need a few things to fall into place and those things were listed in the article. There were two points that stood out and I think about regularly to this day. Here is the gist of what they were:

  1. Know what you are passionate about. Everyone knows deep down what they love about life but because our culture is so busy keeping up with the Jones’ our own personal passions subside and sometimes vanish because we are chasing other peoples passions. We want what we think we should want because they want it. Get it? It made sense to me.
  2. Don’t care what people think. Without hurting people or intentionally stepping on others dreams to build your own…just do your best to not care. Everyone has an opinion. EVERYONE! If you hesitate pursuing something because of what others might think then you’re screwed. It would be almost impossible to turn your dream into a reality.

I’m all over #1. I know what I’m passionate about and good at and I think I’ve always known. My problem is I’m not entirely sure where to step first in order to be going in the right direction.

Now, #2 is a HUGE problem for me. This, my friends, is my biggest obstacle. I am waaaaay too concerned about what people think. I hold back all the time because I’m (putting it mildly) a pussy. I don’t care so much in my day to day life as I’m quite happy to have a laugh at myself and am very honest about who I am amongst friends and family but when I get serious about something and want to put my opinion out there or pursue a dream I start to freak out. Put my head in the sand.

Anyhoo…I have been working hard at caring less. Less about who, what, when, where & why. And I’m going to do my best in my 40’s to just be the best person I know I can be and I will hopefully be something really special by the time I float away. It’s never too late to start.

Wish me luck!



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