20/52 Recipe Review

When I started this 2014 recipe a week thingy, I promised myself I wouldn’t put pressure on myself to do a “BIG” new recipe each week…just “A” recipe in order to make the mission sustainable for me. So this week, since I’m behind by a couple recipes, I’m going to post a few quickies to catch up. The summer is coming and that means people popping in for a visit on the reg, which means having some tasty, fresh, appetizers & snacks available on the spur. Sooooo, there’s no better time than now for testing out some yummy ideas.

Today, it’s Hummus. I tried a new recipe this weekend. I usually make the same one over and over but this one calls for a little kick and I liked it. It’s yet another gem from The Barefoot Contessa (follow her on Instagram @inagarten for some fab garden/Hamptons/foodie pics) and I’m gonna say GO FOR IT! Again, super easy and ridiculously short on time to prepare. I’m gonna do myself a favour and stock up on chick peas next time I’m in the bean aisle just so I have them available when I get a craving for it. Soooooo good.





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