One Thing I’ve Learned

I had to remind myself this week that I simply have to get off the couch (so to speak). This is something I discovered over the past year and it is one of the most important lessons I have learned through my SkinnyFat adventure.

I have been struggling lately with pursuing a really great workout and I am a professional at finding every excuse in the book to delay a good sweat. In fact I had to commit to a couple classes this week because I was feeling like I needed to get out of the house and reignite the excitement and the energy that comes from a killer workout.

When I say “I had to remind myself to just get off the couch”, I mean… I just have to do something. Getting motivated for a walk around the block is much easier than the motivation required for a 1 hour workout so that’s all I have to focus on when I begin…I’m just going to walk for a bit. Generally, once I’m half way around the block my brain is clearer, my heart rate is up a bit and I almost always decide to jog the rest of the way. In fact, my walk evolves to two blocks…maybe three then four and so on. Just getting out the door is the first step to a nice increase in heart rate and even if it ends being “just” a walk around the block, it’s just that and I can rest easy knowing I did something.

Keep on keeping on.



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