TA 2014

Last week was super nuts so sorry for not posting. I’m all over it for the next few days…get ready. I have two fabulous and ridiculously easy recipes coming your way and a couple extra tid bits (love the guy/girl who invented that phrase…tid bits…the best).

Today I’m yapping about a new workout that is coming at such a good time for me. Tracy Anderson is releasing a new Dance Cardio program “Unleash Your Inner Pop Star” and I am in desperate need of it. One year…six months ago even, I was in love with my program (Hip, Omni, Ab & Glute~centric) “Metamorphosis” by Tracy Anderson but I am in a lull with the cardio portion of each. I love busting a move to my music which I BLAST to “sweat it out” but lately I’ve been passing on the dance cardio portion due to boredom and have either gone straight to the Muscular Structure or, just recently thanks to the great weather, I’ve been running beforehand. I want to up the anti and dancing is my favourite way to burn calories. Here’s a little preview courtesy of  Goop.com of what’s to come and it might seem a bit complicated but it’s really not. I’ve nailed this portion already and am dying for more. 

Peace out and love!


Side note: SLOW TRAFFIC KEEP RIGHT!!!! Puh-lease…I’ve got a lacrosse practice to get to!


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