Dance Like There’s No One Watching

I just came across some footage I took of me and the boys dancing a couple months ago. I had planned to post this as a reminder that we can burn calories while parenting (and I mean other than by yelling, chasing and mental exhaustion).

Sometimes the boys will all be happily playing outside on the trampoline, playing a soccer/hockey game or messing around in the dirt and I’m not the type of mother to go outside and join the boys though I do do this on occasion (mad props to the moms that do this on the reg.). I generally take those opportunities to get shit done!

However, when it’s raining and I can’t seem to get them to leave me alone for more than five minutes (oh yes, I time my moments alone on the clock) I sometimes cave and just work with what I’ve got. We can burn a lot of collective energy by dancing and lighting up the living room “dance floor”. I guess I recorded this session for the blog and forgot about it and since I mentioned this method of burning calories recently I’ve decided to share. As you can see, sometimes I have to get the party started on my own. and don’t judge the moves…I’m 40 remember.

Lastly, can you spot the Tracy Anderson moves baby???


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