And Here We Go Again

So I’ll make this brief. I took some new Before/Afters (just Afters really) this evening. The picture quality is rank, I’m doing front only for the time being and I’ve decided to go with a swimsuit this time round since my undies were two granny for y’all last season. I kept my original “Before” because I want to continue to work towards my original goal of muscle definition. Not too much muscle…just noticeable definition. Anyhoo, I notice a definite change from my best last year but as I mentioned in an earlier post I was able to keep most of the weight off so even though I’ve added a few pounds the past couple of months it’s mostly muscle that I’ve lost and in place of it I found softness. Look away now if you know what’s good for you. It’s horrifying but it keeps me honest. And I will work on a better picture next time.

Before and After 4.27.14

Before and After 4.27.14


2 Comments on “And Here We Go Again

  1. Karen, I think you look great!! Good job for keeping the weight off. Thanks for some much needed motivation.

  2. What! You look fantastic! You have motivated me to start with TA and get into shape. I successfully (use this term loosely) made it through day three and then popped out three ribs putting on my sons shoes! Looks like I will be taking a lil break! 😦

    Thanks for the motivation Karen!!!

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