It’s Bad

Things have gotten a little out of hand over here. I’ve been bad. Eating poorly…too much…too often. I have to go back to the Before and Afters I’m afraid. Don’t worry, I’m not posting one today so you don’t have to avert your eyes just yet. It’s just been so busy for us! I am a big believer in no excuses so I’m not going to lean entirely on the “busy” excuse but I am definitely using it as a crutch or at least I have been. No More!!! It’s time to button things up and tighten things up. We are about 9 weeks away from our first summer holiday and I want to be sure I’m feeling my best before it begins.

Here’s what’s going to happen:

  • more post’s
  • shorter posts
  • before and afters (booooooo)
  • more healthy recipes on the review (I’ve been gravitating towards tasty over healthy)
  • and more motivation inspired post’s

Since journaling (this blog being my journal) has been the key to keeping me honest, I have to get back to it. Like I said above, they will be short and sweet but they will keep me in line.

Signing off with a few “How to Stick to a Workout Plan” tips from my fave girl…Tracy Anderson.,,20656688,00.html




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