12/52 Recipe Review

Nom Nom Nom...

Nom Nom Nom…

Today we have Epic Fish Tacos that absolutely kill it!

I have tried so many taco versions in my adult life. Mainly because it’s one meal the whole family loves, asks for and eats. I tend to make the usual shredded chicken, beef, shrimp or fish though a friend recently made pork for our “Bachelor TV Night” and they were outstanding (next Taco to try and review). This weekend we had friends for dinner with their kids so I went ahead and did chicken for the little people and fish for the adults. This was a new recipe for me however, once I got started I had a funny feeling I’d tried them before. Either way, I’m reviewing them as I feel obligated to spread the word. They were super easy to make, super fresh and unbelievably tasty. I went with my usual guacamole but the rest was all Epic! Here’s my go of it just before I popped the fish in the oven:

I’m hungry again just looking at this picture.

I’m hungry again just looking at this picture.

9.5/10 on the review with this one (I’m starting to wonder what will actually achieve that perfect 10…I might be judging a little too hard). This is another recipe I found on Pinterest. And I know I often say “Give these a try” but in this case I think you would be making a HUGE mistake if you don’t. Here’s the link:



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