The Bay

So I just returned from this beautiful place…

The Cabin

The Cabin

First Gap

First Gap

Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth

…where I stayed for 5 days. I would have stayed longer had the weather forecast not looked so grim but this is a place where talking about the weather is not just small talk…your future depends on it. I’m sure there are some amazing mothers who embrace the rain and fill those TV and electricity free days with arts & crafts, card games and baking but for me our cabin is a place to relax and read…none of which happens when it’s pouring rain. On those particular days it’s whining, fighting, stress for me when the boys are playing near the hot stove and constant “can I have a snack?” so I was ready to come home when I saw little rain clouds hovering over Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday…on my phone.

I am totally aware that I am behind by a couple of recipes on this lil blog due to my excursion to Palm Springs and now the cabin but I will make up for it this week and the following. Spring Break is full-on right now, we are less than a week away from the kids going back to school and I am pretty pumped about that. I may just give my kid’s teachers an extra big hug when we go back… oy vey. We are actually having lots of fun with these boys but I am having a difficult time getting anything productive done amongst the wrestling matches, taunting of each other and loud, loud, loud bouts of laughter. My brain doesn’t work so well with lots of distraction. I become almost immobilized…honest…it’s one of my biggest personal pet peeves.

Check out my Instagram account for more pic’s from the Bay…t’is a magnificent place.


Side note: So sad about Chris and Gwyn….I’m seriously grieving over here.


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