Reality Sinks Fast

FINALLY! I have been having some seriously shitty problems with my internet recently and it was just repaired today. I believe it was Will Farrell who said “If you want to see what a person is really really like before you marry them… watch how they react to a computer when the internet is super duper slow”. Let’s just say nobody on this planet would have married me if I was put under that type of observation this week. Anyhoo, I wrote this post a couple days ago and now I’m posting it. You’re gonna be hit hard this week as I’ve got a lot of time to make up for. So here goes:

Yes it’s true, reality does sink in and the reality that I am home from the worlds most wonderful vacation is sinking in deep and hard and fast. It’s only been 48 hours since I returned from Palm Springs yet it feels like I returned home over a week ago. Upon my immediate arrival I discovered that my car had been broken into, many things had been stolen and 2 out of 3 of my children were crying when I walked through the front door……aaaaahhhh reality…BOOM!

Yeah…I know

If you look carefully you can see my weights in the grass to the right. See…I did my Tracy Anderson.

But let’s not ruin this lovely post with banter about real life situations. My holiday:

I have a group of friends who started an annual vaycay together last year which I had to miss mainly because of Knox’s age. Finding childcare for a 2 year old for almost a week is a bit of a task so I passed in 2013 but was freaking jacked to get down there this year and boy was it a good week.

Firstly, there were the girls. I have been blessed a million times over with the best girlfriends I swear. Not only do we gather for fun relaxing moments together through these years of raising our families and the chaos that that involves which is a miracle in itself but we also prioritize it. And when these events all come together…we have so much fun it’s ridiculous. Secondly, the weather. We had unbelievable weather so sunning, relaxing, getting up early and swimming was all a no brainer. I know the getting up early seems nuts when we’re away from the kids but this is what happens when the birds are tweeting and you know that all you have to do when you get out of bed is make your own coffee…that’s it! Thirdly, the venue. Our dear friend Shannon let us crash

We ate pretty well.

We ate pretty well.

at her winter pad. It’s insane and I’ll just leave it at that. It’s out of a magazine (last comment). Finally, there’s the fitness, the hikes, the shakes, the smoothies, the food, the cocktails, the evening fires, the conversations, the LAUGHTER, the love and the friendship again. I love these girls and I love that they seem to like me. Like I said…I’m a lucky lady.

Let me just say, when there are no kids around life is a sweet deal. Of course I have to make a declaration that I love my children and love my life just the way it is but there is something about being on my own that is so rejuvenating. I LOVE eating when I feel like it, not when it’s about time I should feed someone. I enjoy engaging in a full-on adult conversation without interruption to help someone on the potty or to open a wrapper to something. I love telling inappropriate jokes (which I happen to be very good at) without worrying about who’s listening. And I get pretty jacked when I can do a workout in private, without little feet under my feet, without rushing through the steps because I’m running out of time or without a kid screaming at me to turn the music down because they can’t hear the tv. I LOVED my holiday.

In closing I want to say to all the mothers out there, who are busting their asses to give their children a wonderful life; it’s ok to take a little break. I’m familiar with the guilt that comes with it and I know how hard it can be to organize and set up but if you have parents, grandparents, a husband, a wife, a good friend…if you can know those kids are in good hands, it’s good great to do a little recharging of the mind, body and soul. Since I arrived home, I’ve been cuddling the boys like cuddling is going out of style. I am more engaged in their stuff. I am so in love with them. I feel reborn in a way and I am ready to take on the world right now. This euphoria will pass I know, but what a feeling it is to see life through freshly energized eyes. Life is good.

Lastly, here’s a picture of almost the whole crew with white eyes. It’s a terrible picture but it’s the best group shot I’ve got (less Terri Lynn {she was already cabbing it home. Booooo [love you Ter]}).

The Ladies

The Ladies: Me – Carla – Katherine – Shannon – Sarah


One Comment on “Reality Sinks Fast

  1. You can leave your dolly Knox with us ANYTIME! We loved having him and miss him! Sawyer was cuddling the cat (Jemma) last night and said, Jemma is like having Knox all of the time. xo So glad you got away and sorry to hear about your truck break in!

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