Sick Sick Boo

So, I am closing in on one week with this freaking cold. I’ve had no voice for 4 days and I thought for sure I’d wake up this morning with the ability to talk but it’s not happening. I am past the sexy Scarlett Johansson voice stage too so it’s just irritating because people can’t understand what I’m saying and I get super frustrated. Trying to call the boys for dinner or to yell at them to stop fighting turns into a near tears incident for me or at the very least an “almost” hole punched in the wall. I’m over it. I haven’t been able to do my Tracy Anderson much either. I’ve attempted the Muscular Structure alone a couple of times but I end up in a coughing fit from the heavier breathing.

I took the weekend off, doing nothing but drinking tea, alcohol and relaxing for a very good reason. My sweet husband RJ organized a gathering on Saturday night with my very dearest friends. The dinner was to celebrate my 40th birthday (which has been going on for a couple of weeks I must admit) and I had a few surprise special guests arrive from out of town. My girls Nikki and Min from Calgary and my kick ass Auntie Pauline from Laguna Beach California. I was completely shocked and so f’ing pumped to see them all. #1 thing I reminded myself of this weekend was how very fortunate I am to have been blessed with such amazing people in my life. Love love love to whoever brought these beautiful creatures into my world.

You can probably understand why I took it easy this weekend now. So, I just need to get better. I need to rest (which is hard because RJ has been in Calgary since Monday and doesn’t get home till tomorrow…more TV for the kids I guess), I need to drink lots of water, and I need to take my vitamins. I’m heading off to Palm Springs on Monday and I’d like to be in the clear for that.

Here’s a little pick of my B’day dinner. I took it with my phone so it’s crap but I love and adore everyone at this table so much.

These people like me!!!!

These people like me!!!!


4 Comments on “Sick Sick Boo

  1. I’m so sad I couldn’t join you my darling K. We will have our own 40th make up session for this milestone event, as soon as our schedules permit. I love you forever and ever

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