7/52 Recipe Review

The foodie pic.

The foodie pic.

Hey crazy busy people out there!!! People who try desperately to eat healthy but have such a “nutso” schedule that it’s almost impossible to do so. People who try to prepare a dinner that the whole family will enjoy. People who just want it all on the table before little people start melting down or who just want it there with very little effort. I have great news…a recipe that does it all, for all! Bow chicka bow wow.

This is so super easy and looks so fabulous on the plate that I would actually keep it handy for a dinner party or a ladies lunch. It’s packed with good stuff and it truly tastes delicious. If it weren’t for the chick peas, RJ said he’d eat it every night (my picky lil eater). I found this baby on Pinterest but it comes to us from a website called “Sunday Suppers – Food & Community“. I’ve added the link below but I’ve mentioned a few tiny changes I’ll apply next time I make it. I’ve noted the changes below in point form and you can utilize my points or follow the recipe as instructed. Obviously, it’s entirely up to you.

This took me a total of about 5 minutes to prep and the entire cooking time was like 15 minutes. It has very few ingredients and is unbelievably healthy. I’m propping it up with an 8.5 out of 10. Dayum…I’ve been lucky lately. Here’s what I’d change next time:

  • Add more broccolini (only cause I love it!)
  • Bake the veggies at 425 degrees for 10 – 15 minutes instead of broiling them…I forget too easily and then I’m hooped.
  • Less olive oil – it asks for 1/4 cup but I just lightly drizzled then tossed.

I got super lazy tonight because Cash had ski lessons and waah, waah, waah. So I picked up a roasted chicken from Super Valu and everyone wolfed this meal down. The boys aren’t the biggest fans of broccoli (with the exception of Knox) but they all love munching on those Kale chips so I will sleep easy tonight.

Here’s my attempt and as Emeril would say… “BAM!”:

How pretty is that?

How pretty is that?

Served with a lazy chicken.

Served with a lazy chicken.

Peace out and always…Love.




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