6/52 Recipe Review

I feel a bit guilty about posting this recipe because it’s so damn easy and has so few ingredients…it feels as though I’m cheating. The simple fact is, it’s so delicious and good for you that it would be remise of me not to mention it. The first time I heard about this recipe was at a friends baby shower a couple of weeks ago. It sounded ok but when I heard it’s basically just beets and walnuts pureed my taste buds weren’t salivating. On Monday night my girlfriend Katherine whipped this up as host for our weekly “Bachelor” night (a one night a week event in which 6 good friends get together, eat and watch pathetic television). It was so tasty I whipped it up myself the next day. I had to improvise because I was going from memory of a partial conversation I’d had with Kath about how to make it but I’ve since found out, via Katherine, that it was infact a Goop.com recipe. One more point for Gwyneth.

In review of this recipe, it gets high marks. I’m gonna say 9 out of 10. It’s easy, it’s tasty, it’s healthy and it’s beautiful to look at. Katherine served hers with crackers and veggies and it was perfect. I spread mine on some cream cheese which was spread on a Wasa crisp bread. I also filled some celery sticks for the kids. I will Instagram another variation tomorrow…I’ve got an idea as well as lots of dip left over. I made extra!

Here is my attempt and don’t forget to click on the link below to get the recipe:

Ma Beets

Ma Beets

Ma Walnuts

Ma Walnuts

Ready to make love... these two.

Ready to make love… these two.

After the love making sesh.

After the love making sesh.

And for the boys.

For the boys.

Oh, and thanks to the moon and back Koyks.



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