Jackets for Me Please

Hmmmm…which way do I go?

1. The sweater coat  2. A sequinned jacket  3. An Oxford Jacket  4. A white cropped tuxedo jacket  5. Poncho coat 6. A striped, longer, tailored coat  7. A little leopard action  8. A quilted bomber jacket (I think it’s kind bomberish no?) 9. Lastly, a black blazer with a bit of a shoulder pad (I’ve got shoulders like a Brook Trout)

I’m a huge fan of Pinterest. It’s my late night snack before I sleep and I’m almost always satisfied after a huge pinning session. The only thing that would completely fill the hunger is if I knew, when I closed my eyes after such a sess., that a package would be arriving at my door in a few days with all of the items that I just pinned. Know what I’m sayin sistas? But that’s neither here nor there, as my Uncle Graeme would say. The fact of the matter is, I use Pinterest for inspiration constantly. If I’m heading out and I know I want to wear my ripped jeans but have no idea what to wear them with, I search “ripped jeans” in pinterest and hundreds of inspiring ideas appear right before my eyes. I’m a terrible shopper and if I go on a shopping mission with no idea of what I’m looking for I come home empty handed every time. I need direction. So all I have to do is search “pumps” if I want a new heel and there I go…1000 options that I can narrow down to 2 or 3. It’s the best! Tonight, I pinned for something new.

This may be a tiny bit early but I’m feeling pretty confident that Spring is just around the corner and I want to be prepared. I have been wearing one bulky black winter coat for the past four months and since October, I’ve lost 2 bottons simply as a result of temper tantrums. That’s right. Temper Tantrums. My purse strap has gotten caught on the hood of this f&$king thing probably 4000 times. If it’s not the purse caught it’s Knox’s velcro shoe stuck to the fuzzy wrist, or maybe I just went to grab a lipgloss off my dresser for the road and my 4 lbs sleeve knocked over my makeup remover and spilled $$$$$$$ all over my dresser. How many times, I wonder, have a had an itch on my back that I can reach no problem, but through those layers….you think I get any relief from that scratch? Or the stings/ropes/tie thingies get caught in the door of the car and as I try to walk to the house with arms full with groceries I’m jerked back and stuck. These situations result in me completely losing my shit! One time when the “car door” sitch happened I ripped the f*$king jacket off and left it on the ground, next to the car until I was ready to go outside like an adult and pick it up as opposed to standing over it and urinating like a child. I know…I can be dramatic at times but the strangest things piss me right off.

Anyhoo, where I am going with this little tangent is I’d like to purchase a light, pretty jacket for the warmer weather. My wardrobe has been pathetic for the past few years and it’s time I start blowing off the cobwebs and brightening things up. So I’m gonna start with a cute jacket for Spring and above is my inspiration.


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