5/52 Recipe Review

Feta & Zucchini Fritters and Garlic Yogurt Sauce

These actually look like this even if you make them on your own.

I’ve used the official photo because it looks so nice…and I’m sending you to her site anyways.

Many many times, I see a picture of a dish on Pinterest that looks so delicious I fall asleep thinking about how good it must taste. Sad, but true. Only a few times have I taken the time to find out. What I am hoping to discover with this 52 recipes thing I’m doing, is that most of them will taste as good as they look.

This one did! I made these beautiful Zucchini Fritters and I must say…not only did they taste divine, they looked as good as the picture implied they would. I’ve tried zucchini type fritters in the past which were sloppy and hard to hold but these kept their shape beautiful and were crispy on the outside and soft and yummy on the inside. Though I found it on Pinterest, the recipe actually comes form a website called Vikalinka.com. It was an extremely simple recipe to follow and for a relative beginner, such as myself (with regards to following new recipes), it was a cinch to understand. I’ve attached a link to this recipe at the bottom for your information and I highly recommend you add your email to the site for newly posted recipes. I read through quite a few ideas from this blog and I love how she rolls. Simple ingredients, clearly written recipes that don’t require strange imported ingredients (like someone else I know who’s name rhymes with Bartha Chewart), the writer is funny and the food is yummy. That’s how I would describe Julia and her blog. I just signed up and hope to try a lots of new things from her site.

As for the health (aka fat trimming) benefits on this one, I’d say it’s probably not the best…but definitely not the worst either. The fact that zucchini is the main ingredient is great!  It also includes some onion and feta cheese which are both good but the paste that holds them so nicely together is a paste made from eggs and flour. I will say, there is a very minimal amount of the paste that is required but it’s the oil you’re frying them in that blows. After saying that, very little oil was absorbed into these little beauties so I was extremely surprised and happy about that. I’m giving these babes an 8 out of 10 on my lil scale. The two demerits were the oil factor and the yogurt dressing was a bit lame. If the sauce sat for a day, giving the flavours time to settle in, I’m sure it would have improved. I ended up using Tzatziki as I served the fritters with Greek Salad and seasoned rice for dinner even though next time I will serve them as an appetizer at a dinner party or on the beach at the cabin since this is what I believe they were intended for.

Here are a few pictures of my attempt:

One of my favourite things…sautéed onions.

One of my favourite things…sautéed onions.

All of my sliced, diced and shredded ingredients just waiting to be mixed up.

All of my sliced, diced, crumbled and shredded ingredients just waiting to be mixed up.

photo 3

About to go into the oven to keep warm since RJ isn’t home from work yet. Grrrrrrrrr…

My sad attempt at taking an appetizing picture. This is why I ripped a picture from the official site…my pictures suck.

My sad attempt at taking an appetizing picture. This is why I ripped a picture from the official site. One day I’ll have time to spend on pictures I swear.



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