Running Woman

I just realized that we are just 2 months away from the Sun Run (and April which means “Springtime”). I have got to get my ass in gear. I haven’t gone for a run in over a month and last year, just doing Tracy Anderson, didn’t cut it where running a 10K was concerned.

I bumped into a great friend today in the grocery store. Her name is Kerri and she lives just a block away and she’s been running around the hood so… I invited myself along her next run. We’re gonna hit the streets this week and I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll do my best to squeeze in two runs a week this month and bump it up a bit in March. The intense running schedule I tried to follow last year just set me up to fail so I’m not doing that again.

As for my other fitness adventures, I’ve been very steady with the Tracy Anderson. I feel great and am already feeling the strength in my arms and legs. I wish everything could change visually a little more quickly than it does but I guess this gradual improvement is what makes all the work worth it in the end.

I am in desperate need of a new playlist. Mine sucks ass. Today I tried Songza and I just couldn’t find the right fit. I like a constant stream of songs that motivate me, songs that I know the words to and keep me interested on continuing to push hard. When I’m working out I can’t go to my phone every few minutes and skip through to a tune I like or I get super irritated…I just need some old faithfuls that I love and that motivate me to go hard. On that note, here is a little motivating video I found on youtube. A little tip…sometimes I search “Motivational Fitness Women” or “Motivational Running Women” if I don’t feel like doing a workout. It gets me every time. Here’s one I came across this week…Love Ellie…


2 Comments on “Running Woman

  1. Hi Karen!

    Just wanted you to know that tomorrow marks my 4th week back at the Runner’s Den. I’ve done this clinic many times… By end of march I will be running 30 minutes straight. I am planning to register for sun run this year, first time ever, and I want a get the skinny fat hairband please! Thanks for some of the motivation! Xo

    • That’s awesome Les…I am so pumped for you. I’m nervous for the Sun Run this year but am going to be sure I’m better prepared. Sounds like you’re already getting started. And yes on the headbands…looking into it.

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