30 Minutes of Body Busting

My workouts have been moving along nicely and I’ve noticed a slight body change just two weeks in. Because my schedule is still pretty nuts, I’ve had to skip a day or two along the way but have been able to make up for lost workouts on what would normally have been my “break” days. Surprisingly, this weekend I looked forward to sweating it out. I was really looking forward to it actually and now, tonight, I’m looking forward to killing it tomorrow morning too. LOVE this feeling. I’m going to get this post done then freshen up my Playlist… songs are getting kinda dull for me and what better time to download fresh music than after watching the Grammy’s? Holla!!!

Anyhoo, today I came across this little YouTube gem below. I’m not entirely certain how this has even been allowed on YouTube but you might as well give it a shot while it’s available. This, my friends, is the full 30 minute workout I do everyday in my living room. It’s the exact workout. I usually manage to do the whole thing but occasionally I can only do around 20 minutes due to time restraints.  I can shorten the cardio but without fail, I want to always do the 30 minute body transformation video that comes afterwards. So, in a nutshell…if I’m short on time I do 15 to 20 minutes of this, then the Transform workout. (Hope this makes sense).

I’ve posted the Cardio for you to try. If you’ve never tried Tracy’s program but are intrigued or interested…give it a go. Just do it! It’s good to listen to what she has to say the first few times but once you’ve nailed the basics, mute the video and blast your own tunes.

And keep in mind, it might seem super complicated at first, especially if you have never had any dancing experience. I danced for years as a young girl and it was a grim scene when I started just over a year ago.

Side note: If you love this workout you can purchase your own Metamorphosis program at Bed Bath & Beyond in Vancouver, Target in the States & Online around the world (among other places I don’t know about I’m sure). I recommend you do some research on Tracy’s website to find out specifically which workout would be right for you.


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