3/52 Recipe Review

Today I’m reviewing a recipe from Gwyneth Paltrow’s first cookbook “My Fathers Daughter”. It’s called:

“Marinated Gigante Bean Salad with Grilled Shrimp & Watercress”

…which is basically what it is in a nutshell. Long title for a quick recipe. As you know I have been trying to keep my body clean ever since I completed the Juice Cleanse a few weeks ago. I have been relatively successful with the exception of some chips, cookies and the odd bit of chocolate which I am totally down with as long as I’m not mowing on this stuff 24/7 like the olden days. (btw, sorry Tanya for my hogging of the Peanut M & M’s at the movies the other night)

Up to this point, I have been picking which recipe I prepare by photo first. Probably a lazy way to research but I have self-diagnosed myself with A.D.D. (being totally serious with this…high school was hell for me with the exception of the social aspect) so flipping through a book until something grabs my attention is what works for me.

Secondly, I make sure the ingredients are ones that I like, that I know RJ will like and “fingers crossed” , something the boys will like or at least try.

Lastly, I take into account the time it will take to prepare. If I’m making this dish on a Saturday, with company coming over for dinner and I have all afternoon to prepare, I go deep. But if I have 45 minutes to make a meal, I move on to something like today’s recipe.

This bean & shrimp salad was so easy to prepare. Super easy. It required only a very few ingredients and involved just the oven or bbq, so no splattering on the stove (clean up was a breeze). A couple ingredients finely diced/thinly sliced but that’s it. As for the flavour…not so good on the scale of 1 to 10…I’d give it about a 3.5 on that alone however, there were some things that stood out on the high end of the scale for me. I felt full afterwards and I felt light and clean and refreshed on the inside so that’s a major plus.  I will definitely make it again but will probably make it when I’m on my own for lunch or something…RJ wasn’t a huge fan but he was satisfied. The kids did okay too. Because the garlic flavour was so strong they found it kind of “spicy” but as long as they get a few beans and greens in their little bodies I’m good with that.

I give this recipe a 4.5 out of 10. It was bland in flavour and expensive (the shrimp) for the lack of taste in my opinion. If I am paying for good shrimp or scallops, I want them to be damn tasty when they go down. This recipe is super healthy and full of great ingredients for your body so it gets a little ‘pick me up’ on the judgement scale.

Here’s how my attempt looked:

Beans just marinating in flavour for an hour.

Beans just marinating in flavour for an hour.

Just add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

Just add a squeeze of lemon and enjoy.

Give it a whirl here.

And hey…the next night I got to make one of my favourite dishes in the world topped with all my left over shrimp (I had lots)…I made Shrimp Ceasar Salad. Check out this beautiful thing.

Shrimp Caesar with Avocado & Shaved Parm.

Shrimp Caesar with Avocado, Oranges & Shaved Parm.


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