Bang Time

So many options...

So many options…

Time for me to seek out a new lid. I have been so busy over the past few months that I haven’t been in for a cut in a very long time and now my head is a bit of a hot mess. I need to do something about it and fast!!! I decided long ago, I just have to accept the fact that I will always have bangs in some form or another. I have tried to grow them out several times which is weeks upon weeks of irritation, frustration and uninvited creativity (finding ways to pin those suckers off my face without looking like a complete dweeb). But this is not the only reason I am sticking to bangs…I have some crazy ass hair up front. It grows in so many odd directions and my hair won’t go in the right place when it’s grown out either. So here is where I’m at; I want a new cut. I want a new look. I want a new style and I want something I can manage. All while keeping the bangs.

Thankfully there’s Pinterest. A handy little site that provides image after image of almost any topic you could think of, so I’ve been pinning hair styles that incorporate bangs for little while now. Above are a few of my favourite looks/styles/lids. The short bang is a look I have always loved and have also tried by the way, but with my face shape and my Whoopi Goldberg eyebrows, the shorties just never seemed to work (maybe when I get glasses…..soon {fingers crossed}). Anyhoo, this is what I’ve narrowed me faves down to. I’m kinda feeling the soft and rounded look at the moment. Whatcha thinkin?


3 Comments on “Bang Time

  1. Loooooove the soft and rounded. Second choice is
    Thick-straight only cuz it looks like the
    Soft and rounded. You’ll look awesome!!!!

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