2/52 Recipe Review

On Sunday night I returned home from an amazing weekend in Whistler with the best friends (and husbands of friends) a girl could ask for. The main event and reason for our trip was a Saturday night snowmobiling trip under the stars in honour of our dear friend Tim McCool’s 40th birthday. We mobiled our way up to the top of Blackcomb Mountain for a fondu dinner at Crystal Lodge and it was a freaking blast! I had so much fun and though I missed RJ and wished he was there (he had to leave Saturday evening for work), I got to drive a snow mobile because he was not. I won’t deny how jacked I was about that. Imagine a big roaring engine under your ass that goes from 0 to 60 with just the touch of your thumb. It’s hot and I definitely want to do it again!!! So so so much fun! The weekend also included me eating a lot of not so great foods. Lasagne with extra cheese, dungeness crab benny, a  big bag of Kettle chips (I ate most if them), a muffin or two, a couple G & T’s and a fondu dinner finished off with a piece of pie & whip. Bottom line is, I ate like a beast all weekend so I made a quick stop at the grocer on the way home to get a couple ingredients I needed to in order to make the following recipe. I had to settle my own conscience.

Gwyneth Paltrow posted a detox menu a couple of weeks ago on her blog Goop. A couple of the menu items looked tempting and since I ate a dinner that consisted of bread, beef and veggies dipped in melted cheese the night before, I decided a mini detox would be well worth the effort. I made her Pan Steamed Chicken & Broccoli and it was pretty good. The prep was super easy and the whole meal was finished in under 30 minutes from pulling the chicken out of the fridge to swallowing my first bite. I did make a small alteration…the recipe calls for 1/4 cup Tamiri (wheat free Soy Sauce basically) and 1/4 cup Chicken Broth. I’m not a huge fan of a strong Soy Sauce flavour so I added an extra 1/4 cup of the broth. It’s healthy, tasty and it makes enough for two so I was quite pleased.

Tried to copy Miss G's photo and failed. Why do I even try?

Tried to copy Miss G’s photo and failed. Why do I even try?

In rating this recipe I would give it about a 5 out of 10. I’d normally give it a 3.5 because the flavour didn’t blow my socks off however, since I’m taking the fact that it’s a detoxifying recipe into account and therefor extremely healthy and full of green and lean,  I’m giving it a lot of grace. Plus it was really quick and easy to prepare with very few ingredients so….5 it is! Check out my Instagram from a couple weeks ago for a preview of Gwyneth’s cauliflower and chickpea recipe (a 7.5 rating). Now that’s an easy, super healthy and crazy good recipe that you can find here (this blog also talks about the nutritional benefits of cauliflower). Cauliflower is the power food of 2014 dontcha know?


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