The Scale Can Be Deceiving

Hey, has anyone noticed that I haven’t been writing about my workouts lately? Yeah…well that’s because I haven’t been doing them. I’ve been a loser and have managed to do what I do best; procrastinate. I kept stepping on the scale and seeing the same thing so was finding it very easy to put off the sweat. That was until I took a picture of myself and had a huge reality check. What you are about to see is the perfect example of how muscle weighs more than fat. Here I am, six months ago and one week ago.

June 2013 & January 2014

June 2013 & January 2014

Though these photos are taken 6 months apart, I weigh the same (give or take a pound or two) in both photos. What was so shocking to me was the change in my body shape. When I was doing my Tracy Anderson workout on the reg, my stomach was flatter, my thighs leaner, my muffin top smaller and in general I just looked better. So when I lost the muscle and added the weight, the scale matched but the body clearly does not. You’ll have to excuse the terrible quality of pictures, I took these on my phone in terrible light and never intended to post them. I found them so informative that I felt obligated to share.

So here is where I’m at today… Day 1 Glutecentric. I started this in December but was not consistent so I’ve started again today. My schedule is a “little” more relaxed these days so I plan to do the 6 days on, 1 day off as per Tracy’s suggestion. At the very least I will do the Tranform workout if I’m short on time but come hell or high water I am doing this thing. I worked my ass off tonight and it felt great (always does) and I have two hours free tomorrow morning so I’ll get it out of the way early.

Going forward, I will have to add a little workout entry with every post as I’ve found journaling to be the most effective way for me to get results.

Thanks for checking in!


Side note: this will be the last time you see me in my undies due to the amount of smack I’ve been receiving. Bikini’s on it’s way soon. #lovemyfullbackpanties


3 Comments on “The Scale Can Be Deceiving

  1. Karen, you can wear any undies you like as long as they don’t come in a three pack!

    Min, I don’t believe you only do granny cause I know you wear nighties to bed! Just doesn’t jive. Love the support but, would tell a junky you do meth just to make them feel better. She needs our real support to change to sexy undies!

  2. I love your undies. You haven’t changed a bit regarding your panty preference, since we lived together 20 years ago. love you K. Keep up the good work

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