Juice Cleanse Day 2

Just a little update on the Juice Cleanse situation.

I am feeling great today, surprisingly. Yesterday at this time of the day I was curled up in a ball on my bed desperate for some sleep (with three boys at home it was impossible).  I was grouchy, unreasonably snippy, and I had a pounding headache (as I predicted) which started the day before. I am so glad I dropped the caffeine 2 days early or I would be much more inclined to cheat today.

Back to today…I am hungry but not starving. I have no headache. I actually even had a couple waves of euphoria while driving (not sure how else to describe it). I felt light and happy and calm. It may have been the songs I was listening to at the time but I’m going to go with the cleanse because the feeling was so unusual.

We have friends coming tonight for a very easy dinner and that will be a tough one. The Cleanse guys said I could eat a little bit of fresh veggies if I was super hungry so I’m making Greek (one of my faves and I can actually knock a good Greek meal out of the park) and will serve myself a variation of the salad. Luckily my guests are super cool and down with this so I figure if I don’t talk about my little juicing experiment all night, it will go by unnoticed.?.

I will update again tomorrow. So far so good!



2 Comments on “Juice Cleanse Day 2

  1. Done the 3 Day cleanse a couple times.
    #1: I typically choose my 3 busiest days of the week and avoid any opportunities presenting social eating situations.
    #2: I book activities to take place during meal times. Fill the space.
    #3: Love that euphoric feeling.
    #4: I find the 3 Day cleanse mostly just resets the cravings. IMO, doesn’t do much long term to the system. In that objective, it’s highly effective.

    • I think you might be the first person I talked to who had done this thing. You may just have inspired me Geoff. There’s a first for everything…heehee. Bless your heart and say hi to the wife for me.

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