Juice Cleanse Day 2.85

Our guests just left, I tidied up, started the dishwasher, climbed into bed and just had to let you know…. I didn’t touch a single piece of food all night!!!!!!

I had my “Protein Milk” (which is hemp seed, walnut, date, cinnamon, vanilla & filtered water) while everyone ate lamb, rice, crispy roasted potatoes (my fave), greek salad and tzatziki with a little carrot cake for dessert. Not to mention the bottles of wine that were flowing, brought to us by our dear friend Mathew who has an eye and taste for wine that matches my husband RJ. It was surely divine if I was to guess, after listening to them oohing and awing over each sip. I did not eat a thing. Not a morsel! Not even a nibble on a piece of cucumber.

And just to cover my ass…the dinner party wasn’t that weird either. I was worried our guests would be uncomfortable with me not eating (this was all a scheduling error on my part) but I think it went well. I didn’t really talk about the cleanse (they knew ahead of time), I didn’t say all the things I was thinking as I watched them eat the yummy delish and it really wasn’t even an issue.

I will sleep guilt free tonight. I feel extra great and I hope tomorrow goes as well as today did.

Peace out & love!

Sidenote: Not going to deny the excitement I have for the avocado, tomato, cheddar, lemon & alfalfa sprout omelette I’m going to be enjoying Sunday morning.


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