A New Year

This is simple. I have a few.

  1. Make a dish from a new recipe once a week –  Doesn’t have to be big and fancy…just a dish. I have some fabulous cook books gathering dust and I’m going to use them.
  2. Lift my ass – (the main purpose of this blog).
  3. Limit my fast food addiction to once a month – I love my quick food but it has got to be limited.
  4. Get up earlier every week day morning – RJ is a morning person so he usually gets up first with the kids (bless his heart). It’s my turn to do coffee duty.
  5. Be a better friend – Return calls, host more dinners, answer emails and organize events.
  6. Recycle more – We do a lot of recycling but I want to continue to put out less waste.
  7. #7 is a big one for me. Finish my movie script – I’ve been tinkering away at this thing for a couple of years now and I am so insecure about it. I have 16 scenes complete and I want the whole thing finished. No idea what I’ll do with it once it’s done but if I finish it, I’ll have the hard part done right? I think it’s not so bad too. I just pulled it up on the ole Mac the other day and had myself laughing out loud reading it. That’s a good and motivating sign I think.

What are your resolutions for 2014?


4 Comments on “Resolutions

  1. Great resuoutions K!! Mine is to get into pre baby shape! Just find it so hard to motivate myself. This is why I love your blog! Xoxo

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