4 Days to Launch

Well I picked a terrible week to promise regular posts. The week before Christmas? Come on Karen…you’re smarter than that.

I was very good about food portions this holiday which is often an issue for me however, this doesn’t mean I was completely innocent. The working out was disappointing but I did manage to swing it a few times. I absolutely have no excuses anymore so I am glad to be back on the program. In fact, look at what I just ordered:

Three Day Juice Cleanse

Three Day Juice Cleanse

A 3 day juice cleanse!!! I am so excited about this experience and look forward to starting off 2014 with a bang (well technically I start January 2nd as we are hosting a shaker here on the 1st and it would be rude not to eat with everyone else no?). This ole body could use a cleanse no doubt and I know it will come with some pain. I went 5 days without caffeine recently and by day 4 my hips and legs were aching so badly I couldn’t sit still for more than a few seconds not to mention the brain pain. I am nervous about going through all of that again. They recommend I not drink caffeine for 2 days leading up to the cleanse so I will be a pounding head by day 1 I presume. I will be giving updates as I go through my withdrawal via my phone so I suspect the posts will be short and sweet with a touch of bitterness in between (my mood seems to be determined by my belly according to RJ). Anyhoo, if all goes well I might jump up to the 7 day cleanse next time.

This is just one New Years resolution I plan to jump on. I have a few I plan on sticking to this year and I will fill you in on those at the end of our blessed 2013. I am making attainable goals so as to keep them going strong.

I hope everyone had a very merry Christmas. We had so much fun and the kids were out of their minds with excitement. Through them I am able to tap into that glorious feeling I had as a kid this time of year. Boy do I wish I could tap into the innocence for more than just a few seconds. I’ll take what I can get.

Chat soon!


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