Happy Thanks…what?

Wait a second! What just happened? I swear I was just sitting at my dining room table with 20 good friends and family carving a turkey for Thanksgiving the other day and now it’s 10 days until Christmas? Holy shizzlesticks!!! Time has flown so fast and I’ve been a terrible little blogger. Unfortunately, I’ve also been an excellent little eater. This makes for a soft and fluffy lil girl.

I think I’ve tried my new Tracy Anderson DVD’s twice. I managed to run once in the past 4 weeks for my 10k plan but I mean seriously, I have completely dropped the ball. This week I’m going hard and I will really be putting it out there. All my Christmas shopping is done (with the exception of a few very little things), the kids sports are finished until January (!!!!!!!!!!!) and we are taking some time off this year to spend with the family. I am so excited for the break. I can’t wait to wake up in the morning, make a coffee and sit on the couch to enjoy my hot cuppa jo as opposed to waking up, getting dressed, putting gear on the boys, feeding them quickly then zipping off to the rink or the soccer field or the football field or school where I get to take the first sip of coffee only to find… it’s cold. Laying low and enjoying each others company is the true meaning of holiday to me.

Please join me this week by working your body hard. I am starting tomorrow with day 1 of Glutecentric. I will be posting a pic of my “problem area” (mercy) and will be posting regularly this week for motivation. Tune in to see what I’m really working hard on and watch it improve over the weeks to come. I’m in if you are! Seriously, I can’t do this without you!!!




3 Comments on “Happy Thanks…what?

  1. God Bless ya babe, for the sweet, and not harsh reminders, that we’re all human and need a little push once and awhile. Love and miss you

  2. Thanks for the sweet little reminder to get moving. Life is crazed around the holidays, and I need to remember myself once and awhile, especially before I hit the beach for a week on Jan 2nd, barf. Oh well, out of country, no one knows me haha. But I’m on it. And have an awesome recipe to share.

    Quinoa Muffins/Delights So Delish….

    2 Eggs
    2 Cups of cooked Quinoa
    1 cup of Mozzarella (or more haha)
    I yellow pepper diced
    Chorizo Sausage/Diced Ham – pan fry it up and add to the others but optional
    spices – whatever you fancy
    1 can of diced tomatoes – drained

    Mix all up, and put in muffin pan, and cook at 375 for 25 mins or so, until golden brown.
    I take 3 with me to the office everyday, and it does the trick. So good , give a try

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