Dear Santa

All I want for Christmas...

All I want for Christmas…

I don’t usually have a Christmas wish list prepared for RJ . However, this year I am very organized (in this one particular area only) and I have a few favourites that I will be looking for under the Noble on Christmas morning.

1. A Photoshop course! I have been muddling my way through with online tutorials but am desperate to get better and more efficient with regards to this program. I would love to do some work for RJ’s company and for this blog of course. In fact, I made the Silver/Chrome SF above (logo attempt for SkinnyFat) while watching a Youtube tutorial.

2. Rag & Bone Hunter Boots. I have wanted these boots ever since the summer. I saw them while browsing a magazine at the cabin and fell in love.

3. Clinique’s “Take the Day Off” makeup remover. The best, I swear.

4. Egyptian Magic Skin Cream. I rely on this so much in the winter. I get dry patches behind my ears, my elbows and all over my face. I literally put a nice thick layer on my face before I go to sleep and regret it every time I don’t. My face soaks it all in through the night and relieves me of the itching and the dry cracky feeling. It’s available at Whole Foods and I’m almost out!!!

5. iTunes Gift CardThis would cover the cost of music for like…a week.

6. All Saints Check Maze Parka Jacket. I have wanted this jacket for years. They come out with a variation every year and they just seem to keep getting better. Especially this year with plaid being all the rage. Check out the link to see the latest. One day…one day…

7. Nike Pegasus Running Shoe. Love these. Want them. And I bet Tracy would want me to have them too.

What do you want for Christmas this year?


One Comment on “Dear Santa

  1. I want a pair of Anine Bing leather pants! Thats it, well they would break the bank! Actually we don’t give/get gifts for us the adults, just stuff for the kidlets. It sucks to be an adult! Maybe next year….


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