Enough Already!

I have always been incredibly talented when it comes to procrastination but when it comes to this blog I have taken my skill to a whole new level. Enough with the website tweaking, enough with the “I can’t find my Tracy Anderson DVD’s”, enough with the “I need a new pair of kicks before I can start working out again”. It’s done! No more excuses…I need this so badly that I’m just diving in.

One thing became very clear to me over the past few months: If I don’t write about it, I won’t do it…lucky you (deep with sarcasm). I haven’t had a Tracy Anderson workout since June nor have I been running. I have avoided the gym, spent many many nights watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians and I snuggled up on the couch last night with 5 chocolate chip cookies and a cup of cold milk. This, my friends, was me 1 year ago and I no likey.

Skin’s hanging, ass is flattening and I’m tired all the time. The fatigue (to me) is a HUGE sign that I have got to get things back to good. Besides the weight loss last year, my energy level was one of the biggest positive changes as a result of getting fit. I’m currently noticing more wrinkles from all the yawning I’ve been doing.

I miss my blog, the process of maintaining it and the results that occur because of keeping up with it (no not the Kardashians you fools). I have made a few changes here at the SkinnyFat blog and you will learn of these changes and the updates I have made in the weeks to come.

I’m back, I’m shapeless and I’m ready so let’s do this thing!

Missed you!

Side note: Here’s a little recap video I put together. I created it as a sort of relaunch video for Instagram but didn’t have the balls to post it so…I’m posting it here instead. Short and sweet…just like Tyrion Lannister.


6 Comments on “Enough Already!

  1. YES! I love that you’re back K. Missed you and the catagory “Things the kids say”
    With love all the way from Sydney,

  2. You have no idea how happy I was to see your post in my inbox this morning….Im sooooooooooo glad your back! I missed you. I missed your blog, I missed your inspiration, I missed your humour, I missed your procrastination, I missed being on this ride with you. I have hopped back on sister and Im along for the ride, good, bad, skinny, fat (or skinnyfat), lets do this! Love you xoxo

  3. YAAAAY!!! I’m so glad you’re back sista! I’ve missed YOU and these little writings that give me a kick in the ass or that the very least, a great giggle. Love ya and please don’t go away again. Who cares about the web site tweaking…I want to see some Tracey Anderson twerking!! xo

  4. Ditto Nik,

    Karen I too have missed reading your blog! I am currently needing some inspiration to get into shape!! I have my TA videos I have started the second work out on my 1st DVD. Just have trouble making it a priority! Let’s do this! Love you. Xo

  5. Whoot whoot ! I need this right now! I’ve got a shit load of lbs to lose and after seeing some of your results pictures, I’m motivated! Just finished the last of the Choco/Carmel /marshmallow icecream last night…. So let’s do this!!

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