I’m Back…Kinda

Well it’s been a very long time since you last heard from me. Most of you probably didn’t even notice I was gone. Bless your hearts.

After battling that bizarre flu in June for over three weeks we were off to Naramata for a little vacation with some very dear friends. Shortly after returning home we were off on our next holiday – Osoyoos for five days with RJ’s side of the family. On top of the vacays, our business has been busier than ever and when I’m not sitting at my desk, I’m thinking of the heaps of work piling up on it. Time to hire! Oh yeah…and on top of all that we move in 2 days and leave for our cottage in 4. I miss my blog, my routine, my own thing. Summers are always a little bit out of the norm and this summer has been no exception.

This is just a quick post. I will continue to post as well from the cottage (iPhone) where I hope to get my fitness routine back into swing. I’ve been hiking and biking and golfing and swimming etc. but have not seen Tracy in a few weeks. When we get sun in Vancouver we are outside…CONSTANTLY! Not to mention I’m used to having Knox alone during the week days and since mid June I’ve had all three boys at my hip which doesn’t make it easy to get away for an hour to myself (with TA of course).

I hope this finds you well and though I will be posting a little sporadically over the next few weeks, the reg. sched. will be back in September and I really look forward to that (well not too too forward to it as I’m bathing in the summer of 2013).

KP xox


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