Before & After’s 5.21.13

Here I go, here I go, here I go again. Girls what’s my weakness? Hickory Sticks!

I hope everyone had a killer long weekend…at least all you Canucks out there (not sure anyone else had a long weekend). We had an action packed weekend starting with Judes birthday party. 10 little dudes running around, screaming, playing and having a good ole time. We kicked it old school with games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey, a Relay Race and a Piñata and the kids had a blast…I think. Jude did anyways. We also rocked Saturday night with Scotty & Meg and had family over for dins on Sunday night after a bunch of biking, hiking, swimming and hanging out under the sun. What’s a girl to do when it’s the May long weekend and food and friends are all around? Eat & drink my friends…eat and drink. I have no regrets at all but I will say this; If not for these upcoming Before & After pic’s I don’t think I would have done any fitness at all. It would have been an easy weekend to take off buuuut…Before and After’s were lingering around in the back of my mind.

Once again, thanks to the fact that you guys “just might” check in to look at these silly things helped motivate me to hit up Tracy Anderson 2 out of 3 days this past weekend. This little puppy (the blog) still works in motivating me to get my ass in gear. Though I have reached a stage where I feel rank if I don’t do something active after a couple of days, I rely on my “skinnyfat” to reach my ultimate goal of a kick ass bod.

Let’s get to it.







To be perfectly honest, I feel kind of silly posting these now. I’m not entirely sure my body is capable of getting defined muscle. I have noticed change for sure with the extra workouts but I’m not sure much change will show up in a picture. Also, whenever I see people with super defined limbs they seem to have the time available to get the extra long workouts in. This is not my reality. I’ll post again in two weeks and see if there’s any change. It also might be a good idea to compare two weeks from now to two weeks ago in order to see some detailed difference. I’ll figure it out.

Additionally, tonight I have my measurements. If my thighs dropped inches like my bust I’d be a very happy camper. Man oh man…as my butt lifts, my bust flattens. Sad but true.

  • Weight:    139 lbs     (October 1st – 157 lbs)
  • Waist:       27.5″        (October 1st – 31“)
  • Bust:          33.5″        (October 1st – 36.5)
  • Hips:         35.5          (October 1st – 37.5“)
  • Thighs:     21″            (October 1st – 24“)

Hope this finds you well!



2 Comments on “Before & After’s 5.21.13

  1. Keep going! Your pics are my inspiration too. (When i start working out after i birth m’baby) You look awesome!

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