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I am obsessed. Breaking Bad has completely taken over my nights. I’m up till 1…one night till 3:30am. It’s insane. I started to watch it a couple of years ago and had to take a break about half way through the second season because I was having dreams that I was doing Crystal Meth at some pretty heinous parties. I know…lovely right? I was hesitant to jump back in but RJ was ready for season 5 and I want to watch it with him so I took the bull by the horns so to speak. It’s been a ride to say the least.

I am so impressed by the amazing shows on television lately. I can honestly say, the last 5 movies I’ve been to have paled in comparison to the heart pounding entertainment I can get right at home on my own couch. The writing, the acting…I mean this is incredible stuff. I’ve decided today to pass on my top 10 favourite TV series from the past couple of years. These are in no particular order. I tried to do that but it’s just too difficult. Also, click on the title if you want some Wikipedia info on it…I’ve attached the link.

Here we go…

Breaking Bad

For a heart pounding, nail biting, stress filled night of entertainment, this is the show I recommend for you. Since I’ve been watching this I’m flipping the bird more, I take shit from no one, I glare people down to smithereens and I take what I deserve without question. Well actually, I continue to say please and thank you and sorry but in my mind I’m thinking…”what would Heisenberg do?” LOVE this show.

Jessie & Heisenberg

Jessie & Heisenberg


This show has me laughing hard and crying hard all in one episode. It reminds me of my early 20’s (ear muffs mom) and the situations my friends and I would get into. Casting is perfect, location is a dream (NYC) and the characters are soooo soo good. My girlfriend Meg put me onto the show and I watched the first season in two nights. Which brings me to the only negative I have about Girls…the seasons are waaaaay too short.

Jessa Marnie Hannah Shoshanna

Jessa Marnie Hannah Shoshanna

The Mindy Project

Here’s a little primetime action for ya. Mindy Kaling is the writer, producer and the lead actor of this hilarious show. She was on The Office for a few years where I believe she was also a writer and moved on from there to make The Mindy Project. Thank God! I loved her on The Office but her character had a smaller roll. Watching The Mindy Project has made it very clear she had to move on. She is a true talent and I am so jealous of her job. She says what I think constantly and she flat out cracks me up.

Mindy & the Rest of the Cast

Mindy & the Rest of the Cast


Starring Laura Dern this is another strong, hilarious and clever female character. I wasn’t a big fan of Laura’s. I can’t say why. She just bugged me. NO MORE. I freaking love her! Her character Amy says whats on her mind while seriously fighting the urge to completely go postal on everyone who pisses her off. She wants the best for the planet and the people living on it but the people who get in the way of her do-gooding are going to pay. This show is hilarious!




I had to include a little reality. Since we aaaaall love Survivor I won’t say much. Just that season after season this show doesn’t get old and I look forward to watching every Wednesday night and am willing to sit through commercials to do it. Though I’ve tried several times to compete on this show, the fact that I’m a Canadian means I’m out. I even offered to keep my breast milk flowing for my team when I applied…still no.

S to the URVIVOR

S to the URVIVOR

Downton Abbey

For the epic drama lover, Downton Abbey is the show to beat. It’s got twisted plots with beautiful backdrops. It’s deception, secrecy, romance and suspense. Based in the early 1900’s, the costumes are amazing, the fashion is ever changing with each season and the sets are magnificent. Probably more geared towards the ladies of the house but not necessarily. S’goooood.

Lady Sybil * Lady Mary * Lady Edith

Lady Sybil * Lady Mary * Lady Edith

Game of Thrones

I never, in a million years, would have believed I’d like a fiction/fantasy show but this is some good television. A major production. I have no idea what it must cost to keep this thing going but I can assure the producers it’s worth every penny. This is gore, sex, drinking, boobs, beheading, incest, more sex, dragons, Kings, Queens, living dead…the list goes on and on. How someone thought this up? I have no idea but I am truly grateful. Unbelievable good tv.

4 Thumbs Up!

4 Thumbs Up!


Ok, this show had the most stressful scene I have ever seen in television. This is all out heart pounding entertainment. Claire Danes is the lead and she keeps winning “Best Actress” at the Globes for her performance as Carrie (deservedly so). Just go watch this show! It’s amazing and I promise…you will thank me.

Brody & Carrie

Brody & Carrie

Arrested Development

Laugh. Your. Ass. Off. This show is actually quite ridiculous. The story lines are completely unbelievable and the characters could never exist in real life but I love them all. I have always had a bit of space in my heart for Jason Bateman so his classic ability to look at someone disapprovingly at the same time as encouraging them is priceless and gets me every time. Please open up Netfix and watch this starting tonight. It’s a good ab workout…you know…all the laughing?

The whole shoot'n match

The whole shoot’n match

The Office & Parks and Recreation

I could not pick just one of these two shows. They are both on prime time Thursday night line up and they are well worth the space on your PVR or the commercials if you still kick it old school. Again, some great writing. I laugh my ass off and sometimes cry… Jim & Pam get me every time. There have been a few times that my PVR missed one of these and Mama no likey when that happens. I am devastated that the Office is done this year but clearly with this long list of shows…it might be in my best interest to lose one show.

Waaaaaahhhhh...don't go...

Waaaaaahhhhh…don’t go…

Leslie Knope and her Devoted Crew

Leslie Knope and her Devoted Crew

 Sidenote: Any suggestions?


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