Doom & Gloom

I’ve been going hard and sticking to my new schedule for the most part but the past 48 hours have been tough for 3 reasons.

  1. My Period – It just arrived and boy does this one suck
  2. Breaking Bad – Any spare moment I get has been devoted to watching this program…completely obsessed.
  3. A headache I’ve had for 2 days – Probably a result of reasons 1 & 2.

But this is not why I’ve given todays post it’s title. The reason for the “Doom & Gloom” is because after the 10K Sun Run, I took it easy for about a week. And by “easy” I mean I did f*ck all with regards to fitness. The first two days my legs were in so much pain I don’t think a workout was even possible but after day three and four went by there was really no excuse. At the time I didn’t make the connection but I was feeling slightly depressed and had no motivation to do anything. I was yawning all the time, snacking more (on Hickory Sticks not carrot sticks) and was very short tempered with the kids (probably because I just wanted to be in bed sleeping most of the time). Now to be clear I don’t believe I was clinically depressed and I do not want to minimize what that must be like, I was just really feeling low. It clicked one night while I was lying in bed pondering my recent emotional and mental downslide that perhaps this was a result of my lack of physical activity. I’ve heard of this before but because I had never, up until last October, been physically active on a regular basis, I had never experienced a break from it. So the next day I hit my Tracy Anderson hard with an instant positive result. I felt great. The next day woke up feeling less tired too.

In a million years, I would have never believed this sort of a break from working out would affect me in such a way. I just thought people who said they “needed” to go for a run or “had” to hit the gym were just trying to impress me by letting me know that they workout. Well…I was wrong. Now I absolutely know when I “need” to have a workout!



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