Mom’s Day

I won’t be too too wordy today but I would like to acknowledge my Mom.

She was a woman who taught me everything through her actions. She taught me to treat everyone as I would want to be treated. That cooler heads prevail. To not judge a book by it’s cover. To help the underdog. To offer a kind shoulder and an ear to anyone who needs it…sometimes people just need to be heard. To make my house feel like a home for family and friends as well as for my friend’s, family and friends. To spend time contributing to my community. To bake. To have fun with my best girls and to treat them well…good ones should be cherished. To be proud of my friends accomplishments, not to envy them. To start new things…if I don’t, no one will. To work hard. To have business sense. To be good…to be good.

Though I am still honing many of these qualities in myself and fail to accomplish some still, I saw them in her daily and she had perfected them. I saw how sooooo many people were drawn to her kindness, her friendship and her home. How rocked people were when she died. She was amazing and I don’t talk about her enough. I miss her.

From the left: My brother Kyle, brother Craig and me in Moms arms.

From the left: My Auntie Barb (cut off) my brother Kyle, brother Craig and me in Moms arms.

My Mom


Happy Moms Day



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