Given Er

Holy crap these kids are making me cuhrazay!!! RJ’s been out of town this week so it’s just me and the tiny little high pitched nonstop loud voices that have brought me to a point where I’m looking at the clock every minute (feels like every half hour) waiting desperately for it to say 7:30 so I can start putting the little gremlins to bed. I’ve started todays post with that intro because they are currently yelling and screaming at each other in the bath and I just found myself rocking back and fourth in the corner of the room while repeating random thoughts over and over again. Well…okay, it hasn’t gotten quite that bad (though that does sound surprisingly soothing). I actually thought, the kids are in the bath so I’ll just sit here on the edge of the bed and start my blog post. HA! As if!

20 minutes later:

K, everyone is dry and playing in the basement now (2 floors away but I can still hear them…God help me). Back to business. Ever since I posted my “Before & After” pic’s on Monday, I have been working my muscles over BIG time. I’ve always been fairly persistent with regards to my cardio workout but with summer coming I have decided to take it to the next level. The next level being 25 – 30 minutes of cardio as opposed to 15 – 20 and 5 – 6 times a week instead of 3 – 4. I am also incorporating the “Transform” workout EVERY time. When Tonya was in Maui, she was told by Tracy herself “if you have limited time, drop the Cardio not the Transform.” So for my summer amp up the Transform has become a top priority. In fact tonight is the first time I will be doing the Transform only. My knees have been sensitive ever since the 10k so I’ve decided to take a break on the cardio tonight in order to give them a rest not to mention I’m tits deep into Breaking Bad and I am dying to get back to the tube. Heisenberg!

Tonya (aka. Stretch) came over yesterday and we did the Cardio & “Hipcentric” program in the backyard. T’was a beautiful day and Knox managed to keep himself pretty busy the whole time…with the odd interruption. I couldn’t find my camera but I got a couple of shots with the iPhone.

Stretch Stretching

Stretch Stretching

Knox rehydrating Auntie Stretch

Knox Rehydrating

And last but not least…Jude enjoying his special family birthday dinner with his Nanny. Love this kid aaaand my lovely MIL ain’t have bad either.

Jude and Nanny

Jude and Nanny

Hard to believe these adorable kiddies have me praying for silence on a regular basis.

Sidenote: Lynn Loop followed by Transform on the grass this weekend…who’s in? 


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