Before & Afters 5.6.13

Well, the time has come again. B & A’s. I will now be posting these every two weeks leading up to the summer in order to keep me in check to build some muscle. I’ve been a little lacklustre with the Tracy Anderson “Transform” workouts lately so I want to amp that up a bit before bikini season and I’m hoping you’ll continue to keep me accountable. In a nutshell, my next mission is to tighten up and maybe (fingers crossed) lose some cellulite. A tan wouldn’t hurt either…mercy.

Not much more to say. It’s all a visual masterpiece tonight…hahahahahaha.

Here goes nothing:




Side if you didn't know.

Back…as if you didn’t know.


9 Comments on “Before & Afters 5.6.13

  1. I Love You! Your blog is so inspiring… You are inspiring…. Way to find a fun way to keep yourself accountable. You are such an amazing person and RJ and the boys are so lucky to have you in their lives.

    You have a gift Karen. People struggle every day to be real and you just have it. Xoxo.

    Can’t wait to keep reading.

    PS. I wanna Tracy Anderson it up!!!!!


    • I love you too!!! Hey, if me bumbling through this quest for a body like yours inspires than inspiration comes easily. I love doing this and am close to loving the results. Thanks for your support. Without the support of friends I’m not sure I could do this.
      KP xox

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