Shoulder Weight GONE!

It’s been a busy busy busy April. Our business is growing, the kids are doing their singing & lacrosse & swimming as well as staying up later (the longer days don’t help of course) and as of today our house is officially SOLD (this whole thing has kept me emotionally and mentally busy in the brain)! I haven’t said much about the “gong show” that was our house sale but let me just say this; Never, and I mean NEVER, let the new owners move into your house and rent from you before the actual possession date and this is coming from someone who had absolutely nothing to hide and sold the house with all efficiencies and inefficiencies out on the table during negotiations. This may be common sense to many of you but we just thought we were offering a kind gesture in letting them move in early. That’s all I am going to say about that…well…and, that a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders as of today. Thank God!

I am going to pull this out of my hat now. The stress of this house has been a bit of a crutch with regards to fitness for the past couple of months.  I mean I’ve been doing it, and killing it on a fairly regular basis but have not been as committed and enthusiastic as I once was. It didn’t occur to me that “The House” was a big part of my lack of motivation until I was driving home from the lawyers office today. It was done. The house drama was over. I wanted to dance this shit out! I really truly wanted to Tracy Anderson my ass off. Well, I wanted a beer or two first but I just felt soooo relieved that it was over and I was and am ready to take this thing to the next level.

Here’s what I’m going to do.

  1. I will learn the Dance Cardio DVD Tonya has leant me. Learn the whole damn thing. This will become my cardio (as well as running when I can) for the next couple of months.
  2. I will do the Transform work out 4-5 days a week (I’d love to say 6 but I have to be realistic). I must do this regularly, without fail, or my ass is never going to lift.
  3. To be certain I follow through with “2” I will speed up the Before & Afters (my least fave thing). That kept me very focussed back in October when I started this program so I want to get back to that kind of commitment. I will start with the B & A’s on the first Monday of May and will then continue with every 2nd Monday until I see some significant change.
  4. Eating will generally stay the same with a little bit more variety. I want to try more recipes and will commit to posting some more good stuff for you. I’ve managed to keep my weight down even with the odd Big Mac Combo but it’s my insides that are suffering when I eat that kind of rubbish.

A few nice new goals for a fresh new month. Additionally, I won’t be carrying that huge backpack full of rocks on my shoulders (backpack & rocks being the house…you probably already figured that out but I’m a terrible writer so I just want to make sure your reading what I’m feeding).

To a new day, a new month and a new tight, taught and cute little ass for the summer!!!

KP & Love

I did love that house but boy am I glad that chapter is closed.

I did love this house but boy am I glad that chapter is over.


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