Tin Man Walking

Today was rough but by the end of the day I could tell my legs were beginning to loosen up. Thank God! I swear Knox is onto me and my inability to move fast because he has been getting into all sorts of trouble. I do believe he’s throwing extra stuff on the ground just for the pure entertainment of watching me struggle to pick it up. If he wasn’t so damn fast I’d maybe have a chance of nipping this naughty behavior in the bud but even if I could catch him I’d have to carry him upstairs to his room and stairs, at the moment, are like little tiny land mines I have no choice but to step on from time to time. In a nut shell…I’m avoiding them at all cost. Honestly, if it wasn’t so hard for me to bend over, I’d give my legs a big hug and reassure them that all will be well soon.

Back at the TA tomorrow. Stretch gave me a “Dance Cardio” DVD of hers to try and it is an actual aerobic dance routine as opposed to the random cardio program I’ve been doing. Even though I know it will be good for some laughs, I’m really excited to give it a go.

Till then, peace out and love.


Just have to add this link. Hilarious and they nailed exactly how I felt after the Sun Run. http://www.definitelyraining.com



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