Sun Run 3 – 2 – 1

The run is Sunday. I’m under prepared. I’m nervous.

I kicked off the training with my running schedule about 8 weeks ago but it wasn’t more than two weeks before I was finding it difficult to find the time to go for a run. With Tracy Anderson, I am able to workout at home with the kids. With running, I have had to either co-ordinate with RJ (which is almost impossible on a good day) or hire a sitter. Organizing it with RJ worked out a couple of times but on the days he was travelling or working late or taking one of the kids to a Soccer or Hockey or Lacrosse practice I had to hire a sitter and I was starting to resent having to pay, to go for a run.

I’m gonna go and I’m gonna have fun. I am truly looking forward to it. There are about 5 of us running and we’re going to support each other and kick some serious ass (by simply completing it, not by getting the best times I assume). I’ll document the day here on Monday or Tuesday…depending on how tired I am after the run. Look for some pics on Instagram too (@gettheskinnyfat) or Twitter (@theskinnyfat).

And wish me and my legs luck!

Here’s a little video of runners I fear our group may resemble (my poor friends…I’m such an asshole). I’ve taken the liberty of pairing up each girl to one of these dudes.

  • Terri – “The Geezer” – She did just turn 40.
  • Karen – “The Dandy” – He looks like I do when I’m working the  Tracy Anderson over. Flimsily. I mean really…it’s ridiculous.
  • Tonya  – “T – 1000” – 100% T. She may be Stretch 99% of the time but we use “T” when she’s in big trouble.
  • Lissa – “The Flightless-Bird” – Is sooooooooooo my sister-in-law. Soooooooo her.
  • Tricia – “The Stiffy” – Meeting her for the first time on Sunday and if she doesn’t run like this guy, she will most likely walk like him once we’re done.



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