Working Late

Just finishing up at the office after a long day (miss my kiddies) and wanted to address a couple things.

Firstly, I apologize for my lack of posts this week. To be honest I had a post which was written this past weekend about how I’m slightly terrified about the Sun Run coming up on Sunday. I was planning on posting it yesterday but after re-reading it a couple of times it just seemed pathetic in the wake of what happened in Boston on Monday. I felt it would be in bad taste to complain about my lack of training and my “fear” of running when hard working and devoted runners were absolutely terrorized doing something they love and are so passionate about. My thoughts have been with them this week. Mostly as I go to sleep at night.

Secondly, I will go into a bit of detail about what I have been doing to train later in the week but since I am doing this post from my phone I will wait for better writing conditions to explain.

Lastly, a little face update. I just took this pic of my mug in the car today. Shannon (my dermatologist) was right. I woke up this morning, looked in the mirror and said “oh my word, my skin looks so smooth and even.” She said “It’ll just happen one morning, you’ll see a huge change all of a sudden.” My really dark spots have changed significantly. The spot on my nose is almost completely gone but my upper cheeks will take another bout I think (you can barely see the one next to my left eye in this picture). The darkest ones are half the depth of colour they once were so I’m very pleased with the results. I still have a few dark freckles that have made their way to the surface and should be gone after the next face wash or two.

In June, after my next treatment, I hope to lose even more redness in my cheeks and fade the age spots even more. Bottom line…I’ve noticed HUGE change in my skin for the better and I’m extremely happy with the results!

Here’s my lid!


The change may not be super noticeable in this pic but I swear it’s there. Official before and afters to come after my June session.

Hope you’re all well and love…


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