IPL I’m Perpetually Lost

Hello my dears.

A couple of new things today. Spring has kinda sprung so with it comes a few new items for the SkinnyFat blog.

Firstly, I am now a .com address. I’ve been at this now for just over 6 months and my guests are growing so it’s time to make this little puppy easier to find. It’s also time to spice things up a bit. I’ll be throwing some different ideas your way and we’ll see what happens. I have many aesthetic ideas as well for the blog which will make it prettier and will hopefully make it easier to navigate but those changes will come when I have more time (soon but not right away). I’m learning as I go and if you were to poll my teachers K thru 12 they would inform you that “quick as a whip” I am not so changes will happen but each change in their own time.

Secondly (and my main feature today), I went for my first IPL session today. I literally just had to google “IPL” to see what it stands for. It’s Intense Pulsed Light. I would love to explain what it is and does specifically but a “one click” search on Wikipedia will do all of that for you. In a nutshell, it will freshen up and smooth out my skin and dull out and hopefully eliminate some premature age spots as well.

I spent my teens thinking that a bit of sunburn was cool. It kinda was in the eighties. Rugby shorts, a Cotton Ginny top, some neon pink (with a splattering of black) sunglasses, a perm and a cherry face said “Hot chick from the set of Miami Vice” which is what we all wanted to be. Or at least I did anyways. My mother was never one to slather us in sunscreen or have us wash our hands before meals for that matter. In fact now that I think about it I don’t think she clipped our fingernails or bathed us often enough…nor did she teach me how or when to shave my legs, that the brushing of my teeth twice a day was recommended or that the little marbles under my nipples were the little buds of a woman inside of me. She did however, have the energy to test her hair cutting skills (of which she had none) on my head….if only I could go back and hug me in 1987. Anyway, I tooootally digress. Sunscreen. I never used it. I do now. The result of the said non use is this:

My Lid

My Lid

This is the only clear shot I could find of my face. I’m usually the one behind the camera thankfully. Who wants to look at that mug? Anyhoo, in this pic you can see a bit of the scarring left by the sun. Lots of age spots. The worst one is in the centre and top of my nose. You can see half of it here in this photo. I have one big spot each next to my eyes on the upper side of my cheeks (the one on this side is hidden by my hair) as well as some serious rosacea starting out on the apples of my cheeks. Anything to renew the skin…I am in.

I took the liberty of documenting my day a little bit with photos and with thanks to my gorgeous dermatologist Shannon who helpfully took a few pic’s along the way. Fortunately, she was also kind enough to take official “Before” pictures with her fancy camera setup which I forgot to ask her to email me. I have decided to hold off on those anyway, until the results are in. Probably after my second session in June at which point we can really see a difference. Hopefully! I will also post pic’s along the way as the spots will be changing and coming off throughout the week. Woot woot!!!

Here are some more pic’s:

Here I am all ready to go!

Here I am all ready to go! You can see that age spot on my upper cheek now. That little rascal.

About to get zapped!

About to get zapped!

All done for the day. The eye are a little watery as I've been crying...just kidding. She just my nose and for some reason any attention paid to that honker makes my eyes water.

All done for the day. The eyes are a little watery as I’ve been crying…just kidding. She just worked over my nose and for some reason any attention paid to that honker results in watery eyes.

Now here are a couple close ups just 4 hours later. Already the spots are beginning to surface and within the next few days will be gone. I can’t wait!



No Judgie!

No Judgie!

Now last but not least…the funky sunglasses I mentioned earlier. When are these bitches gonna make a come back?

Radical - Choice - Chawsome

Radical – Choice – Chawsome


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