Before & Afters 4.7.13

This is horrifying. I’m not gonna say much today because I’m extremely disappointed. Looking for but finding no evidence of muscle and feeling extremely guilty about a very bad March (and the fact that I had popcorn and many Nibs at “The Croods” today). Bouncing back though and been working out hard. Also, the fact that I rushed these pictures and they were taken up super close didn’t help…my word, I’ll never make that mistake again.

I can see my butt cheeks hanging down in the back. Booooooooo...

I can actually see my butt cheeks hanging down in the back. Booooooooo…

One plus? it looks like my butt may be lift. Maybe.

One plus? It looks like my butt may be lifting. Maybe. Still sporting that underwear crease and NO, I will never do Before & Afters in a thong!

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8 Comments on “Before & Afters 4.7.13

  1. Judging from what I learned at TA Detox, and watching the evaluations, you need to start the Glutecentric program. That will totally lift your bum and pull everything from the front, back. I have to start the same program too, then switch to abcentric.

    • You’re the best T. I know I’ve come a long way but seem to be trapped. Not so much disappointed as I am frustrated. It’ll happen though…I have faith.

  2. I hate that you are disappointed! You should be proud of that bod. I think you look great! Keep it up, kid.

    • Oh Meegs…what would I do without your support? Thanks bud. I don’t suppose the beer I’m going to suggest we drink soon is going to help lift my ass but I’m gonna suggest it anyway. Wanna meet for a beer anytime soon?

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