Measurements 4

So here are my current measurements. I did put on a couple of pounds over the past few weeks. Just a couple but enough to snap me back on track. I was in the 130’s and really wanted to hang out there as my standard weight. Until I start building significant muscle I want my weight to sit between 135 & 140. I don’t really have a whole lot I want to change in measurements at the moment. Maybe a little bit here and there. I do want to tighten up a lot though (I know I sound like a broken record). I’ve had friends notice a change in appearance for sure but when you take these clothes off it’s still not a pretty picture. I’m getting there….I’m getting there. Anyhoo…here are my digits.

  • Weight:    141 lbs       (3rd – 147 lbs)     (2nd – 154 lbs)     (1st – 157 lbs)
  • Waist:       28.5″        (3rd – 29”)     (2nd – 31“)     (1st – 31“)
  • Bust:          34″       (3rd – 35.5”)     (2nd – 36.5)     (1st – 36.5)
  • Hips:         36″       (3rd – 37”)     (2nd – 37.5“)     (1st – 37.5“)
  • Thighs:     21.5″       (3rd – 22.5”)     (2nd – 23.5“)     (1st – 24“)

Have a lovely evening and I’ll be back real soon.



4 Comments on “Measurements 4

  1. Don’t get caught up in the numbers
    You look great I am sure u feel great
    That’s all that matters!!!
    But you have rocked the numbers
    Well done

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